API Types

Positive Displacement (PDP) Dosing pumps are manufactured according to API 675 Standard.

PDP type Gearbox designed According to API 675 standard to handle 24 h, 7 days of a week non-stop Operation with minimum mechanical loss & maintenance required.

Stroke adjustment can be carried duo to rest & in Operation.

It can be equipped with electric actuator for automatic (remote) stroke adjustment by electrical signal (4-20 mA).

High accuracy duo to design of gear box & hydraulic parts (head & valves).

Electro motor in atex version is available & it is possible to couple this type pumps to VFD support electro motor

To control stroke speed by controlling electromotor rotation speed.  

It is possible to couple multiple same type pump together with a single electromotor independent from size & stroke speed.

DOSEURO SRL. has two series dosing pump in this category.

Plunger PDP Series known as AI series & Sandwich Hydraulic diaphragm series known as SDI series

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PDP Type A-I Series

Positive Displacement Plunger Pump

PDP series positive displacement plunger dosing pump are manufactured according to API STD 675.


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PDP Type SDI Series

Positive Return Sandwich Hydraulic Diaphragm Pump

SDI Sandwich Hydraulic Diaphragm pumps are manufactured according API 675.


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